Students share feelings on post-break midterms

After the stress of classes, clubs, jobs and internships, spring break was the light at the end of the tunnel for many students at Seton Hall University.

This year some students found themselves less able to enjoy spring break due to midterm exams scheduled after break.

Some students find this to be unfair and counterproductive.

“I think it ruins students’ spring breaks,” sophomore Rebecca Blomgren said. “During the semester we’re constantly bombarded with tests and studying. Giving a midterm right after spring break takes away the one chance we have to relax and recharge and not have mental breakdowns. Instead of actually taking a break, students are stuck studying and stressing.”

Other students said they believe was only inconsiderate to schedule these exams after break, and that it hindered many students and their ability to plan trips during their time off.

“Professors should schedule midterms to enable students to maximize their potential of success,” Sophomore Adam Romero said. “Spring break is obviously supposed to be a break. Many students plan other events and trips during their time off and put schoolwork and midterms on the backburner.”

Garrett Almeida said, “I would prefer if midterms were assigned before break because it allows for the spring break to feel more like a vacation and time off of scholastic academics.”

With the scheduling of exams after spring break, some students found themselves worried about their grades and results of their exams.

“It’s no question that it’s basically impossible to study when I’m home on break,” sophomore Melissa Lake said. “I try and make time to study, but life just gets in the way sometimes. Now I end up worrying more about how many grades will be affected than anything else throughout the break. It’s just unnecessary stress during a time that is supposed to be stress-free.”

One student took the side that if professors felt it necessary to schedule exams after break, they should have done so with ample time for students to study upon returning to school.

“Midterms should be given before break or a class or two after break so class material stays fresh in a student’s mind,” Romero said. “This way, the student still has time to study and review without it interfering with their spring break.”

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