Construction to start on parking deck, U-Center expected in a year

Construction on the parking deck will begin at the end of February and is scheduled to be finished by August if everything goes as planned, according to Vice President of Administrations Dennis Garbini and Associate Vice President of Facilities and Operations John Signorello.

Garbini and Signorello said at the start of this construction period, big slabs of material will have to be transported onto campus every 30 minutes for about six weeks.

They said one truck comes in through Ward gate, drops the slab off behind the parking deck and then a half hour later one more truck will come in and so on.

“There will be plenty of traffic control at this time,” Signorello said.

Garbini and Signorello assured this will not cause any serious delays, but asks the Seton Hall community to be patient.

“Plan time in your routine and be patient as we improve the campus,” Signorello said.

With priority being placed on adding parking space plus classroom and dorm room space, the University Center construction is being pushed back a year, according to Garbini and Signorello.

Garbini and Signorello said the school needs more fundraising to complete the University Center renovations and the other projects are of a higher importance to get completed at this time.

“It looks as if a minimal of a year, looking how fundraising goes,” Garbini said about the projected start date of the construction.

As for the Aquinas Hall construction, the completion date still stands as August, with the new lobbies, study rooms, windows, furniture and painting being the last of the renovations to be done over the summer.

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