Students still salty about snow removal

After several snowstorms, students are complaining about the condition of the side- walks and roads on campus. Several commuter students said that although it is apparent the university plows, they don’t salt as much as they should.

“I’m definitely not a fan of how they (Seton Hall) have been taking care of things,” senior Lauren Saches said. “I commute, and when it snows the lots are taken over by people talking up two spaces while parking is limited as it is.”

Some students said that the university’s failure to salt creates dangerous conditions.

Junior Thomas Cilmi said he slipped on the ice on his way to the cafeteria. “It’s dangerous that they don’t salt around high-traffic areas like the caf,” he said.

“It’s bad enough they don’t shovel between the caf and Xavier.” Senior Kyle Kowe agreed. “I think it would be safer if they salted more,” he said. “I almost slipped.”

According to junior Ashley Cherry, she fell last week during the snowstorm. “It was like an ice rink out there,” Cherry said. “They definitely should have salted more because it’s dangerous.”

Sophomore Maria Capalbo also said that she almost slipped on her way out of Serra Hall on the way to the cafeteria.

And sophomore Haley Brown said that she didn’t think that Seton Hall salted at all. “It’s dangerous,” she said. “I almost slipped and fell. I figured they sanded, though, because it ruined my boots.”

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