Illegally parked cars get the boot

Students’ cars are getting “the boot.” Literally.

The reason cars are being booted is straightforward, according to Don Tauriello, associate director of Public Safety.

“Vehicles are booted when they have multiple tickets and there is no record of ownership, or the vehicle as has no authorized parking permit, or displays an altered or defaced permit,” Tauriello said.

For the 2013 calendar year 45 cars were booted, according to Tauriello.

Most of the booted cars were parked either in the parking deck or the main surface lot.

Parking at the university is limited, and Tauriello said drivers who do not follow the rules cause parking issues for the rest of the university population.

“Doing this takes away spaces for those community members who followed the rules and purchased their permits,” Tauriello said.

Once a student, staff or faculty member’s vehicle has been booted, he or she must present verifiable personal and vehicle identification, according to Tauriello.

He said from there, students’ bursar accounts will be charged, and employees are billed through payroll where a fine must be paid.

Students have the ability to pay their fine with Pirate Gold.

In other words, if you want to keep your car from getting a boot, make sure you have a valid and up-to-date parking permit for the university.

This, along with paying any tickets issued, should prevent your vehicle from getting the boot.

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