University teams up with student to create ’12 Acts of Kindness’

Seton Hall is initiating a “12 Acts of Christmas Kindness” pledge inspired by senior nursing student Hillary Sadlon.

Sadlon performed 22 acts of kindness over the summer for her 22nd birthday, so the University decided to team up with her to create a campaign that encourages everyone in the Seton Hall community to pledge to perform their own acts of kindness.

“This summer, College of Nursing student Hillary Sadlon celebrated her 22nd birthday in a unique way,” the SHU Christmas Kindness Pledge webpage stated. “Rather than receive gifts, she decided to give the gift of herself, performing 22 acts of kindness for strangers and reveling in the joy that comes from helping others….Inspired by Hillary’s selflessness, this Christmas season Seton Hall University is joining together to emulate her idea.”

“I thought of the idea myself,” Sadlon said. “The support I received when I did my 22 Random Acts of Kindness for my birth- day inspired me to keep it going. During the holiday season is when some people may need extra kindness.”

According to Director of Media Relations Laurie Pine, Sadlon was chosen on Wednesday to go on the Rachel Ray Show among 121 other people to accept gifts for being one of the most giving people in America.

Community people and organizations are already tweeting at #shukindness, “I took the 12 Acts of Kindness pledge.” Among them include University President A. Gabriel Esteban.

Sorority Alpha Gamma Delta is hosting a countdown to the 12 Acts of Kindness and pledging their support, as well.

The website welcomes all (students, faculty, employees, alumni, parents, friends) to pledge any sort of kindness act, even if it is just to bring a smile to someone’s face. To share kindness acts and take the pledge, go to

“It means so much to know I am inspiring others to spread the kindness themselves,” Sadlon said. “I want people to understand that they don’t have to do 22 or even 12 acts of kindness. One act of kindness is all it takes to pay it forward. Any nice gesture can be an act of kindness.”

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