Students prepare for 2-day final exam periods

Students who are in classes that meet twice a week and start after 4:30 p.m. will have finals in a two-day period.

The fall 2013 final exam schedule states, “Final exams for undergraduate courses that begin 4:30 p.m. or later and for those which meet on Saturdays are to be given during the regular class periods from Dec. 11 to Dec. 17, 2013.”

Junior Angelique Reynoso, an out-of- state student from California, is in an eve- ning class that meets Tuesday and Thursday. She said, “I find it a huge inconvenience… I like to leave for winter break as early as possible and this only extends the amount of time I have to be here before I can go home.”

The exam schedule is dependent on multiple factors, according to the Director of Enrollment Services and University Registrar, Mary Ellen Farrell.

“Basically, the exam schedule is a balancing act,” she said.

The schedule is made to ensure that there are no room conflicts, and that there is adequate time for professors and students to complete final exams, she said.

“There are differences in the formula used for day and evening classes,” she said. Some professors in these time slots did not comment about how they are planning to give their finals.

Reynoso also said that this schedule will increase her studying time in the library. “I will probably spend both nights prior to the exam in the library and overall put in more hours studying for both portions of the final,” she said.

Junior Anthony Scudieri is in the same evening class. “We’re not exactly sure how it will be set up, nor is our professor,” he said.

Scudieri said that this schedule probably will not have a major effect on how he takes exams, “I honestly don’t think that this will require any different type of studying and cramming then I’m already used to from my four semesters of already taking finals,” he said. “I can see why students would be concerned, though.”

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Author: Mary Marshall

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