Students give perspective on off-campus safety

With the recent Pirate Alerts about off-campus robberies, students interviewed say they don’t feel safe leaving campus.

Sophomore Ryan Stetz said he is more uncomfortable about leaving campus now than ever.

“It doesn’t stop me from getting where I need to be, but it makes me (wary),” Stetz said.

Earlier this month, Public Safety sent out an email to students with tips on how to stay safe when leaving campus, including traveling in groups and using the SHUfly and SafeRide.

However, some students said that these resources are not necessary reliable.

Sophomore Ashlynn Johnson said she cannot rely on SHUfly. “I don’t want to have to deal with waiting for the SHUfly,” Johnson said. “So if I have to take the necessary precautions when I walk off campus, I will.”

Junior Sitora Khakimova said she feels the SafeRide should be more willing to work with students.

According to Khakimova, there have been times when she has traveled at night waiting for the SHUfly, but it never came.

Ora resident senior Elizabeth Pavlovsky said that she hesitates to leave her apartment when it’s dark out.

“I’m not going to take the risk past midnight,” Pavlovsky said. She said that if she is out late, she must be accompanied by a group of friends.

Freshman Jennifer Lewis also has put a cap on the times she leaves campus.

“Past 8 o’clock I am not willing to take the risk,” Lewis said.

Senior Kaitlyn Casa, a commuter, said that she no longer feels safe traveling off campus.

“One time, I got a Pirate Alert while I was getting ready to leave campus about a robbery right near my apartment,” Casa said. “It didn’t stop me from walking home, but it definitely scared me.”

Sophomore Ashley Cherry also said she avoids traveling off campus at night.

“If I have to, I will go with a group of at least five people,” Cherry said.

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