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One of Seton Hall’s very own, Samantha Nakhoul, won the award for specialty mu- sic director of the year for her outstanding work at WSOU. As the promotions director and a DJ at the university’s radio station, Samantha holds responsibilities from basic DJing to ticket giveaways.

“Student positions at WSOU are twelve month positions, so as a Massachusetts native that meant Samantha spend summer of 2013 on campus,” explained the radio station’s General Manager Mark Maben, “That’s a big contribution she made to WSOU and Seton Hall.”

Her award was won based on the work that she does as the host of Campus Buzz. “Because WSOU is primarily a heavy metal station, we have specialty shows for other genres,” Nakhoul said “Campus Buzz is one of those specialty shows.” This show focuses on indie and alternative music, which gave her the opportunity to qualify for this award.

Samantha went on to win this prestigious award with the help and support of everyone in her field. “I won this award because my peers, CMJ attendees, and people in the industry voted for me,” she explained. While many others have been nominated, Samantha is only the second winner to come from WSOU. “Everyone at WSOU is proud of Samantha for winning CMJ’s Specialty Music Director of the Year award, Maben commented. ” She works very hard on her specialty show and it is wonderful that her dedication to indie music and broadcasting has been recognized by others.”

This award will bring Campus Buzz, WSOU, and the University as a whole more recognition. “Awards like these are about more than just who wins them,” added Maben. “Whenever the station or an individual at WSOU is recognized, it enhances the national reputation of Seton Hall.”

Nakhoul is more than excited to have received this award.

“It is just a huge compliment for me that people really enjoy Campus Buzz enough to vote for me,” she commented, “I am honestly still floored, as well as ridiculously flattered and honored by the award.”

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