Dormers, commuters adjust differently

An important part of the college experience at Seton Hall for many students is leaving home and dorming on campus.

Freshman diplomacy majors Zoe Sellers and Emily Green said that is definitely the case for them.

Coming from Florida, Sellers said living in a dorm helped her meet new people.

“I came here not knowing anyone,” Sellers said “I’ve met some really great people here that have helped me adjust to living so far away from home.”

Green, from Arizona, said that she believes that living on campus has given her the opportunity to be more involved on campus.

“My experience has, as a whole, been overwhelmingly pleasant,” Green said. “It was rather difficult adjusting to life in a dorm across the country, but all the amazing individuals have made it so much easier.”

Although many freshmen learn how to live away from home by dorming, there is also a population of first-year students who commute.

“Commuting students are very important to me,” said Tracy Gottlieb, vice president of Student Services. “I was one and so were my brothers and sisters.”

Gottlieb works with Freshman Studies to help them reach their academic, professional and personal goals.

Gottlieb said commuters have to make an extra effort to engage in the campus community and even struggle in the transition for more freedom from their parents.

“I always feel sad when I see students sitting in their cars between their classes.” Gottlieb said. “There are plenty of activities for commuting students, and my wish for them is that they take advantage of those opportunities.”

According to Gottlieb, Freshman Studies provides mentors, who offer help to the entire freshman population in building strategies for success throughout the semester.

“We try to schedule workshops and some Compass events during the day to help commuters fulfill their requirements,” Gottlieb said.

She also encourages commuters to make friends with residents so they have place to stay at after a late-night event.

The Freshman Studies office is located in Mooney Hall.

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Author: Natalie Rebisz

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