PNC explains issues with ATM machine

Some students are complaining that the Xavier dormitory ATM machine often does not work.

Freshman Nicole Rapaglia said she went to it to take out money a few times and it would not dispense the money.

“I also couldn’t put in my checks, and I have a PNC account,” Repaglia said.

Director of Media Relations Laurie Pine spoke for PNC, who she said operates the machines on campus.

She said the machines have a self-diagnostic that when money levels are low or it is not working properly, it will alert the bank.

“PNC checks its machines on a regular basis,” Pine said. “The machine in Xavier was not depleted of money, but there was a problem with the dispenser in September.”

Pine said the problem has since been fixed, according to PNC.

Sophomore Corey Dechiaro said she and her friend, junior Nicole Fischer, tried using the ATM in Xavier and it would not dispense her money.

She said they then went to the ATM outside of the cafeteria and that did not work either.

“I really needed the money and had to go off campus to Rite Aid,” Dechiaro said.

Freshman Angelica Contino also said she experienced problems with the machine in Xavier.

“Yeah there were a few times where the ATM wasn’t working and I couldn’t get my money,” Contino said.

She said she is more concerned actually with a bigger problem. Her card is showing up with charges she did not make.

“I think my card number was stolen at one of those machines,” Contino said. “I was checking my virtual charges and one came up in Woodbridge mall.”

Woodbridge shopping mall is not far from Seton Hall. Contino said she is still checking her account and is currently working on getting those charges removed.

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