Makeouts’ Twitter creates controversy

Pictures of Seton Hall students “hooking up” on and off campus are the focus of an anonymous Twitter account, @SHUMakeouts1, but its troubles extend beyond issues of taste.

The University has ordered @ SHUMakeouts1 to take down the Pirate logo from the account in its Twitter avatar.

“This is a violation of the usage (of) our trademarked logo; however, we leave it up to our students to use their best judgment to decide if they want to continue to post inappropriate images online,” University spokeswoman Laurie Pine said.

The pictures show students in different acts of flirtatious behavior. These pictures are candid and are usually taken without the students’ knowledge.

One of the pictures posted by the user features a couple “making out” on a couch at an open party; while another image, captioned “threesome,” shows three girls kissing at what appears to be a location off campus.

On campus, a photo was from one of the Complex dorms facing the parking lot of two students kissing. The picture was posted to @SHUMakeouts1 and is captioned, “they’ve been outside my room for over an hour now.”

One student said that other students should be mindful of their behavior now that this Twitter account exists. Sophomore Kyle Devenney said the account “invades people’s privacy,” but he said he believes that if students go to parties are aware of @SHUMakeouts1 then “it is on them” if their pictures are posted.

Pine said the University “does not endorse or approve of these types of online postings because we feel it is detrimental to our students since the images can negatively impact both their personal lives and their professional careers.”

@SHUMakeouts has received many posts from viewers giving positive feedback about the account.

According to @_MissDest, “@SHU- Makeouts1 just might be the greatest account to be made this year. No one is safe.” Twitter user @muhhkenzeee said, “@SHUMakeouts1 is THE most entertaining thing on Twitter for me right now.”

Pine said she would like to remind students that “inappropriate images posted on social media sites can haunt them for the rest of their lives and that a future employer may not hire them when they see this type of behavior posted online.”

Junior Ludmilla Perez also said she feels the site is embarrassing and inappropriate. “The person who is behind the account really needs to find something better to do with his time,” Perez said. “I hope my picture doesn’t end up on the account.”

“I think it’s funny, but I’d be upset if my picture was posted on it,” sophomore Nicole Simone said.

According to Pine: “Many faculty as well as the director of The Career Center also strongly stress that students need to clean up their online presence before they begin apply for jobs since many employers today conduct online searches of prospective employees.

“Employers want to know how sound an applicant’s judgment is and will judge you by what photos you place on a public website. These type(s) of inappropriate postings can hurt a student’s ability to get an internship or a job, which we don’t want to happen to members of the Seton Hall community,” Pine added.

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