Students say Galleon parking lot is ‘pointless’

While students and faculty agree that the parking situation needs to be addressed, students who were interviewed said they do not support the construction of the new faculty parking lot on the Galleon lawn.

“When I discovered (the parking lot) I was very surprised, but not in a good way,” sophomore Steven Varsanyi said.

He said that the parking lot was placed in an odd location, was not properly paved and took up space where students could once relax and play sports when the Green was too crowded.

“It should have been thought out better because parking on campus as a whole is horrible,” Varsanyi said.

Senior Erin O’Grady agreed.

“I think it’s pointless to tear up all of that green just for a few spots,” she said. “This one little thing they’re doing is really not going to help anything for us, it just helps a very few amount of professors and made the campus look less appealing.”

The fact that that the new parking lot is limited to faculty also is an issue with some students.

“I think the students have just as much, if not more, of a problem finding parking on campus than professors,” said O’Grady, who commutes to campus every day. “We have to pay a crazy amount of money to park on campus and half of the time I’m parking off of campus.”

The Galleon parking lot was put in approximately three weeks ago. This action was taken in order to add parking spots for faculty, so fewer students and faculty are forced to park in the streets surrounding campus.

One student said he believes that new lot is step in the right direction toward alleviating the campus parking problem.

“Ever since the lot has been made, students have been complaining less about parking issues,” sophomore Rohit Ravi said. “Therefore it seemed to have helped the issue in the short term, and hopefully for the long term as well.”

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