Twitter account lets students say, ‘Can you not, Seton Hall?’

How many times have you looked at someone (or no one at all) and said, “Can you not?”

Someone familiar with Seton Hall has taken to Twitter to ex- press students’ complaints of this nature, with the Twitter handle @CanSHUNot.

Tweets are submitted via Twitter or email, mainly in the format “Can SHU not…” and a complaint.

This week, students tweeted frustrations regarding room temperature in residence halls.

“@CanSHUNot have the laundry place be at a more pleasant temperature than my room?” user @marieboli wrote.

User @Tasnov asked, “@CanSHUNot turn off the air conditioning in Boland (and) almost kill my goldfish…?”

@Ant_Gads tweeted “@CanSHUNot kill us with heat exhaustion?”

“I literally have been cold almost every day of my life until they shut off the AC. Now it’s too hot to sleep!” @Jrausch6 tweeted to the account.

The account has nearly 950 followers and has posted 667 tweets since April 24.

“You vent it, we post it” is written at the top of the account’s WordPress.

On April 26, the account posted a disclaimer on WordPress, stating its disconnect with the University.

It read: “CanSHUNot is a parody account of contributed material from Seton Hall students, all of our material is submitted from outside parties. We are not affiliated with Seton Hall University. Any comments or posts that may be found are the express opinions and property of their individual authors, therefore, CanSHUNot cannot be held responsible for them.”

An email was sent to the gmail account associated with the twitter handle this week requesting an interview with the owner; however, there was no reply.

The statement also said that the account’s goal “is not to deter anyone from attending or applying to the school, but instead express concerns and bring to attention any acts of unfairness undergone by students under the protection of freedom of speech as stated in the 1st and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.”

Other complaints have been posted just this week about the bookstore, the dining hall and cafeteria food, the SHUFly, and the University’s wifi connection.

Some of the posts are unique, such as this one about the hold music when calling the University. “@CanSHUNot have the creeeeeepiest, least quality hold music on the line for the bursar?” @domcamatic asked.

@CanSHUNot’s statement also said it “will never give mention to specific individuals associated with the University in any light,” and that all posts are re- viewed for appropriateness.

Editor’s note: Housing and Residence Life sent an email to residents of Aquinas on Monday, stating that due to New Jersey state regulations, the Office of Facilities and Engineering is “mandated to keep Aquinas Hall at a particular temperature.” “This means that we will transition to heat beginning this week, which is why some of your rooms may seem to be warm,” Rae Esmores, Aquinas Hall residence director, said in the email. “You should know that HRL does not have very much to do with that decision,” Esmores wrote.

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