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A new drug that has been making news lately is Molly, a form of MDMA, popular with rave goers, which brings up concerns with GrooveBoston D.J.s as well.

“In the wake of the tragic deaths occurring at local dance shows and festivals, GrooveBoston has recognized and addressed the concerns many colleges are having with the EDM (Electric Dance Music) scene. GrooveBoston does not condone the use of illegal drugs or underage drinking and will do anything in their power to work closely with local and campus police to prevent such occurrences,” Alyssa Ames, head of GrooveBoston Public Relations, said in an email.

Assistant Dean of Student Activities Mariel Pagan said the University has not yet booked GrooveBoston to come to the school for this year, so it is not definitely going to happen, but she did say that the school and the music program have a good relationship.

Pagan said she is not sure if it is just Molly that is the problem, but other substances and alcohol, as well; however, she is happy to work with GrooveBoston because they are “proactive” about spreading awareness and prevention tactics.

Ames added that GrooveBoston has launched a campaign for the 2013-14 year called Rage Responsibly to educate students on substance and alcohol abuse.

A statement from Rage Responsibly, on the GrooveBoston website: “The success or failure of every show – and the probability that we will be back again – is a responsibility shared by US (GrooveBoston) and YOU (our fans). We take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do and pour our blood, sweat and tears into every single event that we produce. Together let’s prove that we deserve to have a legendary night.”

The widely known weekend-long music festival E-Zoo, host to mainly EDM, was cancelled on its last day, three weeks ago, because two young people died from what was determined to be an overdose of MDMA. The festival was held at Randall’s Island, N.Y. where the mayor called to have it shut down on Sunday.

Pagan mentioned that the ways in which the University tries to prevent alcohol or substance abuse is to provide positive activity options for students to do.

According to Pagan, the University held a pre-event for the Fall Fest on Saturday with fun activities during the day to prevent drinking during the day and promoted alcohol awareness before the event.

Pagan said to ensure every event’s success, the University has the fire squad, police and Seton Hall security attend.

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