Caf spurs creativity

The Caf offers opportunities for student-modified food.

Two students shared how they concoct their own creations.

Sophomore Shurti Patel said she knows first-hand how difficult it can be for someone with a specialized diet.

“Because I’m a vegetarian, I felt at first I didn’t have any options,” she said. “So, I learned to cook and be creative. I usually cook at the Wok station making garlic broccoli and tomatoes. I like to add some pepper and teriyaki sauce for flavor.”

According to senior Maggie Bystryk, waffle mix is versatile. In her case, she makes her own fried Oreos.

“Basically, you get a bowl and fill it with batter,” she said. “Put oil in the frying pan so that at least half the Oreo would be covered. Heat the oil. Then dip the Oreo in the batter and make sure it’s generously covered. Followed by quickly putting in oil, so that the batter doesn’t run off. Let it fry, and flip as needed until its golden brown,” Bystryk said.

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