Summer for the Spirit comes with a 20% tuition discount

The Office of the Provost’s Summer for the Spirit program is offering a discount on select undergraduate courses, according to the adviser to the provost, Jane Dewey.

The courses include “CORE, Catholic studies, religion, philosophy and theology,” Dewey said.

This is the first time Seton Hall has ex­tended this offer.

“Many colleges and universities offer summer discounts either across the board or on select course,” Dewey said. “This incen­tive is being offered on a trial basis and we will study its success in the coming months as we plan for subsequent summers.”

The courses chosen for the discount cor­respond to key concepts of the provost’s “From Strength to Strength” plan. These discounts range up to 20 percent off usual prices.

“This is a pilot discount that we are of­fering to provide students who would like to take courses over summer months with some financial relief,” Dewey said.

So far, the reviews for this program have been positive, according to Dewey.

“The Office of the Provost has received encouraging feedback related to this dis­count from faculty and students,” she said. However, “the enrollment trends will be the best indicator and these will be studied over time.”

Student reviews on this new program have been favorable. Freshman Kevin Scimecca said he agrees with Dewey.

“This is a good opportunity because students can fulfill a few requirements, or take interesting religious classes for a frac­tion of the actual price,” Scimecca said.

Student Larissa Gonzalez agreed.

“I think this program is a good idea,” Gonzalez said. “It gives students the chance to fill in some credits without hav­ing to pay the full amount.”

Other students said they feel that al­though the program offers a discount, they are not interested in enrolling.

“The program seems enticing to those that need to fulfill religious credit require­ments,” public relations major Jazmine Robles said. “However, I have already completed mine. So, this program does not appeal to me. If it incorporated more pro­grams I may be interested.”

Education major Rachel Doyle had a similar view.

“This program definitely targets stu­dents who need to fulfill religious require­ments or have an interest in theological classes,” Doyle said. “I think that if Seton Hall expanded this discount to cover more classes, I would be more likely to take summer classes.”

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