Exam schedule contains conflicts

The University registrar says students with final exam conflicts should try to work them out with professors.

Conflicts mainly arise with an overlap of time or space needed for final exams. Some students have to take tests in rooms other than their regular classroom, while others have to arrange alternate times to take tests due to overlap.

“If a student has a time conflict with two exams, the student should discuss options with the two professors involved,” University Registrar Mary Ellen Farrell said. “Usually, a solution can be worked out simply.”

Farrell said that there are other solutions.

“In some cases, the student can take one exam at a different time, usually when the professor is proctoring an exam for another class,” Farrell said.

Sophomore biology and secondary education double major Shelby Hall said she has a scheduling conflict.

“I had two education exams on the same day at the same time,” Hall said. “So I talked to both of them and one of my professors moved it.”

Farrell agreed that Hall’s approach to solving her conflict was correct.

“Students should discuss the situation with their professors and together a solution can be found that accommodates to the schedule of all parties,” Farrell said.

Victoria Plate can be reached at victoria.plate@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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