Background checks revamped to include new faculty hires

Seton Hall has recently started conducting background checks on all newly hired faculty members in an effort to increase safety and improve the quality of the on-campus experience, according to University’s website.

The University has had a simi­lar policy of looking into the his­tories of non-faculty employees in place since 2008, but it was expanded to cover all prospective employees in October 2012.

According to the associate provost for finance and adminis­tration, Nicholas Snow, this is the University’s latest move to keep up with an increasing nationwide focus on safety.

“The background check that had been in existence for several years for all other Seton Hall em­ployees was extended to faculty due to the heightened sensitivity across all of higher education to­ward ensuring a safe environment for everyone that comes on cam­pus,” Snow said.

The new policy applies to all future employees of the Univer­sity, as well as current and tenured employees who plan to return to the institution after a leave of ab­sence longer than a year, accord­ing to the University’s Depart­ment of Human Resources.

As it appears on the Univer­sity’s website, the policy does not cite any specific examples of fac­ulty members acting in a manner that would necessitate such mea­sures.

“It is important that the Catho­lic educational mission of Seton Hall University is supported by qualified employees who foster a safe and secure environment for all University constituencies,” the policy states. “Seton Hall also must take reasonable actions to protect its funds, property and other assets. A background check policy reduces potential risk to the University and its constituencies.”

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