WSOU inducts 2 Hall of Famers

WSOU celebrated its 65th an­niversary with an alumni dinner where two members were indcut­ed into its Hall of Fame on April 13.

Robert Windrem ’68 and Glenn Schuck ’85 became the 10th and 11th members of the WSOU Hall of Fame.

WSOU General Manager Mark Maben was one of the many staff members present at the an­niversary dinner, which saw both Windrem and Schuck accept their induction.

“It is always wonderful when members of the WSOU com­munity get together to celebrate not only the achievements of our alumni, but the accomplishments of WSOU as a whole,” Maben said. “The Seton Hall community is very proud of WSOU and all it has accomplished over the de­cades and the Hall of Fame induc­tion ceremony is a reflection this pride.”

Maben said that members for the Hall of Fame are chosen gen­erally at each milestone event at WSOU. Both of the new induct­ees moved on from their time at WSOU and Seton Hall to have successful careers in media.

Windrem has worked for the last 32 years as the investigative producer of special projects for NBC “Nightly News.” After grad­uating from Seton Hall, Windrem began his career in broadcasting and remained in it still to this day, but it wasn’t always what he had planned on doing while at SHU.

Windrem was a part of The Se­tonian staff for his entire time at Seton Hall. He even spent an ex­tra semester at school after drop­ping some of his workload to be editor in chief of the paper. It was through covering sports for The Setonian that Windrem began reading news for WSOU, mainly about sports or doing color com­mentary for games.

From then on Windrem did many different things for the sta­tion, including being one of the first students to host “Hall Line,” a segment where students answered basketball questions from differ­ent callers. Windrem said this was his favorite position while work­ing at the radio station.

Schuck has worked as a re­porter for CBS 1010 WINS and Clear Channel for the last 15 years. From high school, Schuck said, that he knew he wanted to be involved in radio and is why he chose Seton Hall.

“I went there specifically for the radio station,” Schuck said. “I must have been there six or seven days a week, but I liked it. If you love what you were doing it was good.”

Schuck held many positions, including news director and later station manager while at WSOU, but said that he loved the station for the different opportunities it gave him as well as the profes­sional feeling of the station as soon as you walk in the studio.

“I think that was the best part of the station,” Schuck said. “They let you do everything. If you were dedicated to it, you could have pretty much done anything you want. And it was a college sta­tion that had a professional and respectful feel to it.”

Both of the inductees stressed their admiration for WSOU and concluded that without WSOU they would not be nearly as suc­cessful in their respective careers.

Today both men are a part of the WSOU Advisory Council, which meets about four times a year to discuss station concerns, events and progress.

Eric Hostettler can be reached at eric.hostettler@student.shu. edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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