Petersheim keynote speaker: Celebrate student curiosity

The 17th Annual Petersheim Academic Exposition “Share, Honor, Unite” this week recognized student achievements.

The annual event was established in 1996 by Dr. Matthew Petersheim, a chemistry professor who died in 1998.

“The Petersheim Academic Exposition is about honoring our students,” Petersheim Academic Exposition Co-chair Dr. Vivienne B. Carr said. “This is interdisciplinary – no matter what college – undergraduate and graduate students will be participating and demonstrating their academic accomplishments all week.”

Carr said that this is a significant event for the Pirate community.

“It is so important for the Seton Hall community to honor our students by participating,” Carr said. “By doing so you are supporting them in their work and professional development, which unifies us as a culture.”

Co-chair Dr. Sulie Lin Chang said that the exposition “celebrates academics, which is the center of the University.”

This year’s keynote speaker at the opening ceremony was the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Elon University, Dr. Steven House, who was Petersheim’s close friend and colleague while House was at Seton Hall.

“(Petersheim’s) excitement for teaching inspired me,” House said. “He brought curiosity and intensity that made everybody better.”

House’s speech was titled “Celebrating Curiosity” for this reason. House also stressed how important it was to Petersheim for college students to develop a passion for learning.

“We want to get students involved in engaged learning,” House said. “We want them to do service, do research…bring learning to life.”

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