Gentlemen of the Hall sing B.O.B. hit a cappella

The Student Activities Board partnered with the new all-male a cappella group The Gentlemen of the Hall, at 4 p.m. on Monday on the Green to promote the Spring Fling concert.

The Gentlemen sang an arranged version of B.O.B’s “Magic” with an audience of more than 50 people.

SAB Director of Operations Courtney Mills said that SAB was looking for new and creative ways to promote the Spring Fling concert.

“With the recent kickoff and increasing prominence of the all-male a cappella group, it seemed like a great chance to be able to showcase the skills of such a talented group and spread the word about our Spring Fling concert,” Mills said.

Mills added that she enjoyed the performance and felt that the live performance was a new way of attracting people and raising awareness about both the concert and the new group.

“With over 372 views for the performance on one YouTube channel, in addition to the sizeable turnout on the Green, the only disappointment was felt for those who weren’t there to see it and witness the excitement firsthand,” Mills said.

The group’s founder and musical director, Kevin Scimecca, said that he is excited for the group’s growth.

“I thought the collaboration was a great success and I would love to work with SAB again and other organizations in the future,” Scimecca said.

“Students can follow us on Twitter @GentsOfTheHall and like our Facebook page for upcoming performances and videos,” Scimecca added.

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