Spring Fling concert, GrooveBoston combined

Seton Hall will be combining the Spring Fling Concert with GrooveBoston on May 4.

When the concert begins at 10 p.m. with Grammy-nominated artist B.O.B taking the stage, doors will close and students not yet inside will be unable to attend the GrooveBoston afterparty.

According to Assistant Dean for Student Activities Mariel Pagan, this is not a change in policy from last year’s spring concert.

“For large-scale, concert-like events, we have being using a ‘doors close’ policy,” she said.

By closing the doors at 10 p.m. the University is able to abide by South Orange Village noise ordinances, Pagan said.

Security measures will be taken to ensure that no one enters after 10 p.m. and no one re-enters after leaving the building.

“For safety and security reasons it makes sense the school needs to require students to attend both parts of the night,” sophomore business major Tyler Thomas said.

“At least we can bring guests this year.”

Junior finance major Hillary Burns said: “It isn’t fair that students are required to attend the B.O.B concert in order to go to GrooveBoston. A lot of us don’t like B.O.B but want to go and have fun with our friends after he’s done.”

The concert, and GrooveBoston have been designed by the producers of GrooveBoston and B.O.B’s management as a unique hybrid event, according to Pagan.

Student Nicholas Owens said he thinks that people will enjoy themselves nonetheless.

“I wasn’t here for last year’s concert, but it sounds like whether or not students were big fans it was fun to go,” Owens said.

Currently, sales have already passed last year’s number of attendees, according to Pagan.

“We believe that we have a achieved our goal because tickets are going quickly,” she said.

Sophomore education major Kimberly Schindler said that she is thankful that the University will be hosting another concert

“Obviously students aren’t allowed to come and go as they leave from the concert; I think it’s great that we are even having one again,” Schindler said.

Erin Williams can be reached at erin.williams@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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