Woman of the Year award honors two Seton Hall leaders

The 2013 Woman of the Year Award has two recipients this year, professor Marta Deyrup and dean’s secretary of Arts & Sciences Brenda Knight, the awards will be presented at the Women’s Conference on Friday.

The two women received many nominations from community members.

According to nomination forms, Deyrup has been a member of the Senate, faculty member and co-director of the Women Studies Program, core-curriculum, Russian and Eastern European etudes and has helped the department of Catholic studies in hosting the first Catholic studies distinguished scholar.

“She is a warm, reliable, serious scholar,” one form read, “It is a great honor to nominate her and have Marta as a colleague.”

“I am a strong believer in women’s rights,” Deyrup said. “The young women I have taught and come into contact with at the library are smart, capable and will begin their lives, not as so many did before them, handicapped by low expectations and discrimination, but with the conviction that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.”

According to nomination forms for Knight, she has served the College of Arts & Sciences for over 20 years, was adviser of the National Council of Negro Women for the past 15 years, has served for over 40 years on the local 153 union and served as chief steward for it for 35 years and has been a student adviser for 15 years.

“Every month she travels to meeting in New York and advocates for the least paid employees ensuring that they receive fair wages, adequate health coverage, as well as savings for their future,” a form read.

Another wrote that Knight has been the “rock” of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Knight said she thanks her family and friends for their support and the committee and all who nominated her for this award.

“This award is truly an honor and a privilege to be the recipient for,” Knight said. “‘Giving Back,’ for the number of years that I have been here at Seton Hall is what has given me the opportunity to work with and for students, administrators and the community outside of Seton Hall.”

Lindsay Rittenhouse can be reached at lindsay.rittenhouse@student.shu.edu.

Author: Lindsay Rittenhouse

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