LEAP has successful anti-bullying celebration

Leap on Bullying Day was held on Saturday to celebrate the work the student run anti-bullying group, LEAP, did this past week to advocate awareness on bullying at the Boys and Girls Club of Newark, according to a press release sent out by LEAP member Sabrina Browne.

Browne said the event included live bullying scenarios by the Seton Hall Theatre Council, anti-bullying games and guest appearances.

According to Browne, children’s author Geena Bean came to the event and read her book, “Come Back Dear Sun.”

“The book focused on never losing your imagination and staying true to oneself,” Browne said.

Browne said that Bean also came prepared with anti-bullying activities.

“The activities reinforced that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way, and that we should not judge one another because of our differences, but be accepting of each other,” Browne said.

Sophomore and member of the Theatre Council Jeffrey Ehalt said he was excited to participate in the activities of the day.

“I enjoy performing, so acting out the bullying scenarios for the event was fun,” Ehalt said. “The kids were really into it and watched closely to see what would happen next.”

Members of the Men’s Basketball team and Women’s Golf team attended the event, as well.

“The teams were separated into game stations which represented lead, educate, act and prevent, the four words that make up LEAP,” Browne said.

LEAP member Brecken Swanberg said she was pleased with how the students of the two teams interacted with the children.

“They were engaged with the kids while playing anti-bullying games and shared tips on how to be a leader against bullying in their local community,” Swanberg said. “The children of the Boys and Girls Club really look up to Seton Hall athletes, so we were thrilled to have them involved with our event.”

Browne said the event ended with everyone taking a picture in front of the LEAP banner and with club members taking a pledge to “LEAP on Bullying.”

“The banner will remain in the club and serve as reminder for members to stand up against bullying and be more than just a bystander.”

Lindsay Rittenhouse can be reached at lindsay.rittenhouse@student.shu.edu.

Author: Lindsay Rittenhouse

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