Parking sticker rules eased, carpooling resources created

The Provost’s Office made some changes to University policy during the aftermath of Sandy, see related story on p. 5.

The Provost announced parking services will be lenient about letting students drive cars without parking stickers because that may be the only car with gas. In addition, a carpooling page on Facebook was created so students living near each other can drive together.

The Provost also said they welcome anyone who wants to come to Counseling and Psychological Services if they are struggling to cope with the aftermath of Sandy. If they need a working telephone to call loved ones, students can go to the Department of Community Development on the second floor of the University Center.

Also, due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, all classes and events at Seton Hall were canceled on Oct. 29- Nov. 2.

Although the University never lost power or Internet access, many felt that campus was quiet and boring. Professors and students agreed, however that university officials were extremely considerate to all members of the Seton Hall community. Professors said they were concerned with meeting goals set on the curricula.

Freshman and housing resident Marissa Hutton said, “It wasn’t very boring being here because most people who stuck around were able to amuse themselves.”

Freshman Gloria Vazquez said she was stressed due to this break. “I still had assignments due during the week off and I was unsure if the professors received my emails on time,” Vazquez said.

According to freshman Corina Hendren, campus was dull. “I was so bored,” Hendren said. “The vending machines were empty. I just wanted to go to the gym but we couldn’t leave the building.”

Hendren and Hutton both agreed that the cancellation was necessary.

Dr. Christopher Ferrero of the Whitehead School of Diplomacy said the same.

“I believe it was appropriate because we have many commuters and we also have a lot of faculty that live in places that were hit hard,” Ferrero said. “Also, we have to keep in mind that professors have to get to school, it is not just about the students.”

Senior and commuter Elias Machalany said: “Conditions all over the state were poor and many roads were blocked. It was very hard to travel around and get to school safely.”

With the cancellation of events, the department of Housing and Residence Life came up with events for students to enjoy while they were on campus.

Freshman resident Lauren Goldsberry said she wished “that more events were planned out,” saying that it was “very slow here.”

On the other hand, Marissa Hutton said she was pleased with the efforts of HRL.

“I think HRL did the best they could,” Hutton said. “I didn’t expect mass amounts of entertainment because they were concerned with the residents’ safety.”

Gourmet Dining Services put together emergency care packages for students that contained food and water for about two days.

“People were expecting to get gourmet food. Some schools did not get care packages. We should be thankful for the food we got,” Hendren said when asked about the food issue.

Many students who lived in New Jersey or surrounding states went home before the hurricane. Students Diana Pryor and Alexa Danback, both New Jersey residents went home, during the storm. They both said they wished they stayed on campus.

“I didn’t have power at home so I wanted to get back to school as soon as possible,” Pryor said. “It is incredible that school did not lose power.”

When asked about the necessity of the cancelation, Dr. Gloria Thurmond, faculty associate of music said, “President Esteban showed consideration for the extended problems that were caused by the hurricane.”

Professor Edward Guetti said that his class “is fortunate enough to be a little bit ahead” and that “the class is right where it is supposed to be.” Dr. Christopher Ferrero also said that the break did not affect his curriculum.

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