Career Center encourages scheduling appointments

The Career Center staff has recently been stressing the importance of visiting the Career Center in person before accessing the online job database known as Navigator.

Not only will failure to schedule an appointment at the Career Center before using Navigator result in being locked out of the database, but it will also diminish a student’s chances of finding a quality internship.

According to Sandra Maloney, assistant director for career and employer development, the Career Center is just looking to make sure students put their best selves out there in a proper resume.

“Searching for jobs is not intuitive nor is it common sense,” Maloney said. “It can also be a very overwhelming process if you don’t know where to start. At the Career Center we teach the students all the skills they need to take control of their job or internship search.”

At a Career Center appointment, a student can expect to learn information about the formal SHU Internship Program and all its requirements as well as discuss career goals with an advisor, according to Maloney.

Navigator is a useful tool to use once a student has visited the Career Center and had his or her resume approved by their advisor.

A student can find Navigator in the Career Center tab on Piratenet. It is an online database where students can research organizations that fit their career goals as well as upload their resumes for employers to see.

“Navigator is important because it takes out some of the guess work for students,” Maloney said. “The Career Center staff has done the research and made sure the organizations and the positions are legitimate, and the experiences are valuable internships that meet our requirements.”

Without consulting the Career Center prior to using Navigator, many students might feel confused and overwhelmed, Maloney said.

“I’ve never been to the Career Center or heard of Navigator before because I’m a little nervous about the whole process,” junior Sandra Mina said. “And I know a lot of other people who feel the same way.”

Maloney said the process does not have to be scary or overwhelming for students because the Career Center works with a student to clear up any confusion.

The process of setting up an appointment at the Career Center does not have to be intimidating either.

“First thing and easiest thing to do is just call our main line at 973-761-9355,” Maloney said. “Our staff will help you determine who you need to meet with and help you schedule that.”

She also added that students can email the Career Center at and expect a quick response.

Furthermore, a simple “Like” on the Seton Hall Career Center Facebook page will provide a student with updates on events and news for internship and job searches, Maloney said.

Maloney stressed the importance of visiting the Career Center for any students worried about finding a job after they graduate.

“Internships make students better candidates for full-time jobs,” she said.

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