SGA gets students to Rock the Vote

The Student Government Association sponsored a “Rock the Vote” initiative this year to get students ready for the upcoming election. SGA has hosted voter registration and debate viewing parties as a part of the initiative.

On Oct. 16, SGA hosted a viewing party in the Cove of the presidential debate.

This was the second of four viewing events SGA will host.

“The goal is to increase knowledge of anyone planning on voting,” Kane said.

The event was cosponsored by the South Orange League of Women Voters and the College Republicans.

According to Kane, who co-chaired the “Rock the Vote” initiative with sophomore Brianna Monti, the League of Women Voters has been a great help to the initiative as cosponsor.

“They have a great deal of experience with these kind of events,” he said. “They’ve given us help organizing and have even allowed us to model our events after ones they have hosted in the past.”

“Without them, Ryan and I wouldn’t have the training to run these events or register students to vote,” Monti said.

According to Kane, around 100 people showed up to watch the presidential nominees square off.

The target number of attendees was around 40, he said.

“A lot of people came out to support us as well as take part in the debate,” Monti said.

SGA has hosted a series of other events a part of their initiative as well, Kane said.

At the involvement fair in September, SGA set up a voter registration table. According to Kane, almost 80 students registered to vote that day alone.

Students who registered on campus will be able to vote in the Beck Rooms of the Walsh Library on Nov. 6.

On Oct. 11, SGA hosted a viewing of the vice presidential debate. Oct. 22 there will be a viewing of the final debate, and on Nov. 6, Election Day, there will be a result party, both in the cove.

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