ROTC fights to win the Jersey Cup

After a month of hard training, the Seton Hall ROTC Ranger Challenge team will battle 41 battalion teams and three service academies in the annual Ranger Challenge.

The teams will compete at Fort Dix, N.J., during the first weekend of October in the Ranger Challenge. Events include an obstacle course, a confidence course, weapons training, ruck marches and a zodiac course.

The team consists of seven upperclassmen, three seniors and four juniors.

Senior Jamie Geurci said he is not settling for anything less than first place. “It really comes down to who wants it the most,” Geurci said. “And we are out there to win.”

Geurci said he has been participating in the ROTC Ranger Challenge since his freshman year.

Geurci explained that for the competition, the team trains twice as hard as regular battalion physical training from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. every morning.

“You’ve got to be fearless and adaptable to any kind of stressful conditions,” Geurci said. “You have to keep competing, keep challenging yourself. It will be worth it.”

Spectators are allowed access to certain events, but not as they had been in previous years. ROTC members wish the team the best.

“They are very cool guys, they are very intense, they train exceedingly hard, and honestly more than anything, they are ready for the next step,” freshman Guillermo Dueralde said.

Deuralde said he would like to be a part of the team one day.

“Definitely, that is the ultimate goal,” Deuralde said. “For the team, I know they will do their best. They have come too far to come in second this year. They are going to take it all.”

The team hopes to win this year’s Jersey Cup, which will be a challenge, as the team will be facing all the schools in New Jersey. With Rutgers as their rivals, the challenge is on.

Seton Hall has come close to the first place in previous years. In 2010, they placed second, while winning the Jersey Cup.

However, Geurci said he hopes to make it to the top this year. “This year we are going to make up for that,” Geurci said. “That is the drive for this year- to win, to make sure we win the Jersey Cup.”

To come support the team, the ROTC program will be holding fundraising events.

Cadet Alexandra Scotti said there will be an event open to all students at Cryans in South Orange on Oct. 17. The cover for the event is $10, which includes unlimited non alcoholic drinks and an open buffet. All of the money raised will go toward the ROTC annual ball.

“The Ranger Challenge and fundraising promotes both team work and leadership,” Scotti said. “We have to work as a team to make everything happen.”

Belal Bahader can be reached at belal.bahader@student.shu. edu

Author: Staff Writer

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