Residence halls redone

Students living in Xavier Hall and the Complex came back from summer vacation to find renovations made to their buildings.

According to Director of Housing and Residence Life Albert Cardona, there were many basic repairs in the four buildings.

In the Complex, the roofs were replaced, the bathrooms were all redone, the outside of the buildings were recaulked, everything was repainted and the carpets were replaced, according to Cardona.

Cardona said in Xavier, all of the renovations that were done, were in the Tower. The repairs include renovating all bathrooms, painting all surfaces, repointing building frames, replacing damaged bricks and recaulking joints (piping) and seal windows.

Cardona also said that the carpets in the tower’s student rooms, hallways and stairwells were replaced with tile flooring. The air conditioning units were also replaced as well as the exhaust fans. The sliding glass windows were replaced with panes.

According to Cardona, the Xavier lobby had a few renovations made. The entrance lobby received a new desk, and security cameras were installed.

Students noticed that there have been a number of fire drills in the Complex and Xavier this year so far and wondered if the renovations were the cause of them.

Cardona said the fire alarms all had a known cause for why they occurred. One was a drill that was scheduled by the University.

“HRL had one scheduled fire drill that took place the first week of school,” Cardona said. “Any other alarms that may have triggered were either caused by students or mechanical issues.”

Cardona added that he was not exactly sure if the fire drills were directly related to the renovations but he said he assumed they were not.

“I would assume not, considering the list of work done was over the summer,” Cardona said.

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