Quick fix to co-ed suitemate mix-up before move-in

A few Seton Hall freshmen found moving in difficult in August when they discovered that their suitemates were of the opposite gender.

The mix-up occurred in two suites in Boland Hall after some students had started mov­ing in.

Housing was informed of the error during early-arrival check-in.

Cheryl Janus, assistant director of housing operations and Mar­keting, said that the problem was caused by some confusion in the demographics that were used for room assignments.

“There were two incidents where students were coded as being the wrong gender in their demographic data and there­fore were assigned to rooms with students with the opposite gender,” Janus said.

This mix up is not attributed to the large number of residents.

“This really only affected a very small handful of our students, and reiterates why it is important to be careful and check over forms like college applications and housing ap­plications before submitting them,” Janus said.

This confusion may also be attributed to the record number of students, and particularly freshmen, living on campus this academic year.

The problem involved only a few students.

Other than this small mishap, the day went by as expected.

Freshman resident Trey Cobb said he had no problem.

“The instructions were clear and the assistance available, so moving in was significantly less stressful than I had expect­ed,” he said.

“We were so happy to have so many volunteers from Ath­letics, Greek Life, ROTC, and other student organizations to help smoothly welcome the class of 2016 to their new home at Seton Hall,” Janus said.

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