Nunchuck Kid’ swings through campus

A new light emerges on the mysterious “nunchuck kid” as he gains attention for cruising on his skateboard while simultaneously swinging his nunchucks around campus, never sticking to a single location.

Questions still surround the “nunchuck kid,” with safety concerns at the forefront, but many do not know who he is, as he seems to come out at different times, adding to his allure.

Head of Public Safety Patrick Linfante said that he had never seen the student.

Linfante also added that he is concerned with the safety issue this “nunchuck kid” brings to campus.

Linfante elaborated on the allowance of them on campus. “It is not illegal to own (nunchucks) in the state (of New Jersey), but we prohibit them on campus for safety reasons,” Linfante said.

Safety is Seton Hall University’s primary concern for the good of all the students, according to Linfante.

Student Ashley Anthony nunchucks can be seen as a form of a weapon carried by the student.

“It could be a weapon that might hurt someone,” Anthony said. “But as long as he does not hurt anyone around him I guess it’s okay.”

The nunchuck kid is not seen as a threat by anyone, to any faculty’s or student’s knowledge, but the nunchucks themselves still make some students a little wary.

Junior Ashlie Verano said she would be a little frightened if she saw this person, but since no one has been hurt, no one should say anything to him.

“I mean, if he hasn’t done any real harm, then why does it hurt if he wants to swing his nunchucks around,” Verano said. “So just let the kid be.”

No one has complained about any incidents incurred by the “nunchuck kid” but safety is still a concern, according to Linfante.

Even though no one has reported being hurt by this student carrying nun chucks, Linfante said he still believes this could be a dangerous situation and wants to talk to this person.

Students have reported seeing this “nunchuck kid” in various locations like the campus Green and near Corrigan Hall.

Freshman Alaira Brenton spotted him near the Green.

“He was on the Green, under a tree swinging his nunchuck,” Brenton said. “He really caught my attention,”

Brenton said she agrees that as long as he isn’t hurting anyone he should nun chuck away.”

The “nunchuck kid” is gaining fame throughout the campus, but most Seton Hall students still don’t know who he is, like student Kate Molinari.

“I don’t know who he is,” Molinari said. “But I’d like to see that.”

Students all over Seton Hall’s campus are left wondering about the identity of this mysterious figure that is gaining a name for himself in Seton Hall news.

Although many have heard about this nunchucking kid, not kidy have seen him , adding to his elusiveness.

Freshman Albery Paula said that she would love to see him.

“I have heard of him but never have seen him,” Paula said.

Paula said even though she has never seen him in person, she knows enough about him because everyone is talking about him.

Even though students have caught a glimpse of the mystery nunchucking kid he evades the eyes of most students.

Sophomore Nicole Fischer says she is interested to see this mystery ‘nunchucking’ kid, and wonders why she has not yet.

“I have never seen this person, but I would really like to,” Fischer said. “The entire thing seems pretty crazy but I kind of want to meet this person. He seems interesting, I mean who else does this?”

Fischer added that she has never seen him makes it more interesting.

Many have seen him by chance and others because they have come too close to the flying nunchucks.

Linfante said he would like for the “nunchuck kid” to come down to Public Safety and have a talk.

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