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The third week of school has arrived and most students are settled into their daily routines by now, however some students are still moving into campus housing.

Some concern arose with this when residents of campus housing were getting new roommates and not being notified of their arrival in advance.

Junior Ashlie Verano said she was just assigned a new roommate last week and was bustling about her room when she arrived, with no warning.

“Obviously I don’t have a problem with having a roommate, and I’m sure I will get along with her just fine, but it’s just inconsiderate that housing just barged in,” Verano said.

Verano said it was a Monday and she was rushing to class when the roommate arrived.

“I couldn’t deal with it at the time,” Verano said. “I had class and stuff to do.”

According to Director of Housing and Residence Life, Tara Hart, there is no policy in which Housing has to notify a student before placing a new roommate in a vacant space of a room.

“There is not a policy that requires notification to current residents when a student is assigned to an empty bed space within a room,” Hart said. “When a new assignment is made, the new roommate appears in the housing profile of their roommate on PirateNet.”

Hart also said that the students who are being housed three weeks into the semester are students who have changed their mind about either housing or commuting decisions.

“For example, perhaps a student had planned to commute for the semester but after several weeks has determined they would prefer to be on campus for the connectedness to the campus, ease of access to classes and opportunity to participate more readily in evening programs and activities,” Hart said. “They apply for housing and if we have spaces, they are assigned.”

Verano said whatever the reason, she would have liked to be notified by email before she was assigned a new roommate.

“They’re forcing hostility among students because this whole situation, me not being informed, has just put a bad taste in my mouth,” Verano said. “I pay money here too, I have the right to be notified.”

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