Seniors plan for the future, reflect on experiences

With the Class of 2012 graduating in close to three weeks, students have a mutual excitement to take what they’ve learned and apply it to the “real world.”

“I am very, very excited to apply everything I have learned at The College of Nursing to my professional career as a nurse,” nursing major Sonia Louis said.

Soon to have a degree in broadcasting, interactive and visual media, Austin King agreed with Louis.

“I am extremely excited to put my working knowledge to the test in the real world. I can’t wait to be a part of television shows and doing what I love,” King said. “This is what we have all been preparing for over the course of our education and now we finally get to show off what we have learned.”

Finance major Nick Cooley said he is looking forward to using his knowledge of finance and economics in real life situations to “see just how much Seton Hall has offered me these past four years.”

English honors student, Wendy Ekua Quansah said that she has no confirmed plans upon graduation, but has applied to several jobs and fellowships.

“My love is for media, education and adolescences so I have applied to companies such as Scholastic and Sesame Workshop,” Ekua Quansah said.

Although she doesn’t have a job lined up yet, Louis said she plans take the NCLEX, an exam for a nursing license, upon graduating.

Louis also plans to start working as a registered nurse in the emergency department or pediatrics by September 2012.

“I have applied to numerous hospitals in New Jersey and New York,” Louis said.

King added that although nothing in terms of jobs are in the works yet, his main focus is to “finish up the semester strong.”

Beginning work in mid-July, Cooley has landed a job with the FDIC as a financial institution specialist and will be moving to Harrisburg, PA where his respective field office is located.

“Now that I have accepted a job, I am more at ease with graduation,” Cooley said. “Before I had a job offer, I was nervous about graduation and my unknown future, because I had no idea where I would end up come May 22.”

Cooley added that what he will miss most about Seton Hall is his group of friends.

“It is going to be hard to be so far away from the people I have spent the last four years with, but I am confident we will all stay in touch,” Cooley said.

The college atmosphere is what King and Louis are going to miss most.

“I think I will miss the college atmosphere the most,” King said. “We are mostly around people close to our own age here, people we can relate to and easily get along with. The campus life is something I will miss.”

Louis said that she’ll miss Seton Hall’s campus and sense of community.

“I will miss walking across the green on a sunny day and seeing students have lunch, playing frisbee, or laying out on the grass while studying,” Louis said.

According to Ekua Quansah, she will miss her Seton Hall contacts and connections with her professors.

“Because of them I’ve gotten referrals, scholarships and exclusive networking opportunities, all of which have leveraged my job search,” Ekua Quansah said. “They’ve invested so much time and effort into my passions and goals and I will be forever grateful.”

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