Bill proposed to change SGA meeting structure

A bill was proposed to change the time and frequency of the Student Government Association, in addition to several clubs appealing their budgets at the weekly SGA meeting on Monday night.

The General Session Adjustment Bill proposes SGA to meet biweekly, instead of their current weekly meeting.

President Joe Donato said he supported the bill, because of the lack of other members of the Seton Hall community attending meetings.

“We never have administrators, faculty or staff at our meetings,” Donato said. “The problem is that we are meeting at a very inconvenient time that closes us off.”

Sen. Weaver said biweekly meetings would last much longer than the current weekly meetings.

Speaker Bo Gilliam addressed the concern, saying he reserves the right to add additional meetings as necessary. The meetings would be created with plenty of notice, according to Gillam.

Donato said he further wishes to change the meeting time to 5:30 p.m. on Mondays for the upcoming academic year. The Senate did not vote on this proposition, however.

Donato said that the meeting time is inconsiderate for students, faculty, and administration. By changing the time, he said he hopes to increase attendance.

A non-binding straw poll of the Senate showed that a majority was content with the 5:30 p.m. Monday meetings.

The General Session Adjustment Bill was tabled, with the Senate voting on the bill next week.

During the Finance Committee report, several clubs came before the Senate to appeal their budgets.

The Biology Society and the Venture Crew were granted $1,000. Psi Chi was granted $500. HEGSA was granted $400.

Mock Trial appealed their status as a Tier III club, and desire to be classified as a Tier IV club with a larger budget. Currently there are only five Tier IV clubs on campus.

The Senate voted 15-4-1 to keep Mock Trial a Tier III club. The reasoning from the Senate was that the club did not display their passion adequately enough in their application to deserve Tier IV status.

The Athletic Trainers Student Association requested a budget for next year and was granted $600 by the Senate.

The English Club was granted a $250 budget for next year, PRSSA was granted $1,000 budget and the Anime Club was given $400 budget.

Phi Alpha Delta was granted a $300 budget, the Sports Management Association was granted a $300 budget and the Ecology Club was granted $250.

The SGA will meet for its final meeting of the year on Monday at 8:30pm in the Chancellor’s Suite.

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