President reminds SGA to work as ‘one unit, not two’

A change of leadership occurred at the SGA meeting on Monday as outgoing senators said their goodbyes and the incoming senators took first actions in their new positions.

Senator Joe Donato, incoming president, reminded members to work as a unit. He commented, “[The SGA] is one student government, not two, and it needs to function and act that way.”

“United we stand, divided we fall,” Donato added.

Donato will be working with Vice President Mario Costa, Treasurer Ashley Jefferson, and returning Secretary Dolores Bunjowski. All expressed desire to work with the new Senate and the students.

Additionally, Donato nominated Jerry Hart as the chief of staff and Erani Trvino as the director of strategic initiatives. The Senate approved both nominations 21-0.

Outgoing president Derel Stroud introduced the new Chair of Village Liaisons, Nathaniel Ducena. He also recognized Senator Will DeCotiis for his hard work on the SGA this past year.

Stroud also said the benches in front of Boland Hall have been taken away due to damage done by students.

Academic Affairs Committee Chair Drew Holden said he is currently evaluating other universities’ library hours as a comparison to Seton Hall. He was re-elected as the academic affairs chair.

Senators Bo Gilliam, Wesley Satterwhite, Naomi Endsley, Victoria Staruch, Brent Warn and Anthony Scudieri were sworn in during the meeting.

Sen. Jason Sumbaly was elected as the finance chair; he replaced Sen. DeCotiis.

Psi Sigma Phi came before the Senate seeking co-sponsorship for the Pirate Night. They requested $980 but were granted $700.

According to Psi Sigma Phi member Aaron Armorer, donations from Pirate Night will go to repeal the “Stand Your Ground” law.

Additionally, Gilliam was elected as the speaker of the senate and Sen. Annelie Roding was re-elected as the senate parliamentarian. Sen. Eloi was elected as public relations chair.

Donato concluded, “We are all working toward the same goals and the same result … a better university.”

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