Nurses Association holds free student health clinic

The Student Nurses Association held a completely free health fair, in which students could receive basic medical check-ups, such as glucose screening, blood pressure checks, eye and ear screenings and more on Monday.

Many health organizations came out to support and educate students at the annual health fair.

The organizations involved in the fair were Saint Barnabus Medical Center, a contestant from The Biggest Loser, Yoga, New Jersey Blood, South Orange Police Department, South Orange Chiropractic, Avon, The Sharing Network, New Jersey Commission for the Blind, RADD, Rudolph Novak from JD Law Firm, Bio Scans, Reikie and Relay for Life.

In addition to check-ups there was also a blood drive and opportunities for students to learn about health care from student nurses and professionals.

Sophomore and member of the Student Nurses Association, Kelly Fristensky, said the health fair is important for students, because it is something that affects everyone.

“At the health fair there is much self-teaching as well as the educating of preventive factors,” Fristensky said.

Fristensky said the fair is a great way to promote health awareness.

“The more we promote the importance of eating healthy, exercising and being an active part of one’s well-being, the healthier we can be as people, as a university and as a nation,” Fristensky said.

Also, Professor Patricia Hubert taught students about pain groups and the impact of chronic pain, according to Fristensky.

According to Fristensky, professor Colleen Carrington’s Health Assessment Class volunteered to take blood pressures and Student Nursing Association’s Vice President Tara Roche taught CPR certification.

ROTC also came to teach different exercises to students and to promote everyday exercise.

“These organizations were notified through emails, phone calls and through reaching out to the community,” Fristensky said. “As seen from all of the involvement, we received great feedback.”

Fristensky said the nursing students helped a great deal with this fair, not only from participating in the events but also by leading by example and reinforcing health care.

Some of the topics that the nursing students covered in their presentations were different types of cancer, managing sleep disorder, the different forms of STDs that contraceptives do not protect against, organ donation information, alcohol awareness, body d?©cor such as piercings and tattoos and many more.

“There was a lot of work put into planning this even, all of which was very much worth it,” Fristensky said. “Even students walking through the health fair can establish a baseline of knowledge and help spread the word.”

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