Laptop refresh on hold for sophomores

Sophomores will no longer receive their laptop refresh this spring and the delay has created mixed responses on campus.

Broadcasting major Tim Cullen said that he is “pretty bummed” that the refresh date has been pushed back.

“I have had many problems with my laptop in the past including faulty hard drives and drained batteries,” Cullen said. “Waiting until the summer, possibly the beginning of next school year is just one more frustrating thing to add to the list with the laptops.”

Cullen said that for his major, a tablet would be more ideal, and he would like to have the option to choose which type of computer he receives from Seton Hall.

“If I’m paying so much money for this laptop program, why can’t I have exactly what I want?” Cullen said. “Working in broadcasting classes and with the radio station, I was faced with the disadvantage of not having a MacBook to use the proper recording and editing software. I believe I should be equipped with the proper technology that not only caters to my major but also will provide me with the proper tools for my career.”

Occupational Therapy major Jackie Felteau said she wishes Seton Hall provided different computer options.

“I wish that they had more options for computer styles, I’m assuming that we will be getting a newer version of what we already have and I don’t feel like it is worth the money that we pay for the computing fee,” Felteau said.

Felteau said that she is not thrilled about the delay and wishes there were more computer options than what exist.

“I feel kind of frustrated about the laptop refresh being delayed until later in the summer,” Felteau said. “It’s a big hassle to have another thing to worry about when I get back in the fall.”

Felteau said that because she lives in Massachusetts, coming to Seton Hall during the summer for laptop refresh would be “difficult,” so she will have to wait until fall when classes resume.

Cullen added that picking up his new laptop during the summer will not be an issue, since he is a commuter.

“Being a commuter, it’s not an unbearable drive, but I can already tell that PCSS is going to have a line out their doors that reaches the University Center because there are going to be many students who will not be able to pick up their laptops until the fall semester,” Cullen said.

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