Gourmet Dining Services worker ‘pissed’ by condition of Caf

Gourmet Dining Services has launched a program encouraging students to bus their own tables after growing concerns from the Student Government Association and Housing and Residence Life, according to a Feb. 16 article in The Setonian.

Despite the posters in the cafeteria, some students still leave their dishes and cups on their tables.

GDS worker Dee Hawthorne said he often cleans up after people who leave garbage on the tables rather than bringing them to be cleaned.

“It’s every day,” Hawthorne said.

Hawthorne said last week he had to clean a table in the corner of the caf that was particularly dirty.

“Over in the corner, there was food on the floor and two plates,” Hawthorne said. “I didn’t appreciate that.”

According to Hawthorne, it is the condition the people leave the tables in that affects his mood more than just seeing one or two tables with dishes on them.

“Sometimes if they’re all dirty, I get pissed,” Hawthorne said. “But if they’re half dirty, I can go with that.”

Additionally, Hawthorne said he gets annoyed when those eating in the caf see him bussing tables and still leave their garbage on the tables.

On Feb. 28, students Frank Schray and Steve Trulos left their dishes on their table because they noticed the GDS worker coming to bus the table.

“The guy (Hawthorne) was coming around picking them up, and I saw him coming,” Schray said. “I usually put them back.”

Trulos, however, said that he puts his trays back if it is convenient.

“It depends on where I’m going,” Trulos said. “If I’m going that way (towards the dishwasher) I’ll throw my stuff out. Not if I’m going this way (towards the exit near Xavier Hall).”

Student Kara Hineman, who ate in the caf at the same time as Schray and Trulos, brought her plate and cup to the dishwasher.

“It makes me really upset when people don’t do that (bus their tables) because I’m friends with some of the caf workers,” Hinemen said. “It’s really kind of lazy and selfish that they don’t.”

Hawthorne said that although the cafeteria can get dirty, it is his job to bus the tables.

“I feel as though without the dirtiness they would have no need for another guy,” Hawthorne said.

According to Hinemen, the school cannot do anything to improve the situation, and the only way for the situation to get better is if people change their habits when eating in the caf.

“I don’t know if it’s so much that the school can improve it,” Hinemen said. “Other people have to improve themselves first.”

T.J. Brennan can be reached at thomas.brennan@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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