Campus statues receive pirate makeover for game

In the midst of Pirate Pandemonium, a group of five Seton Hall students transformed various campus statues into pirates.

An member of the group said that of the six statues, five were given blue bandannas and black eye patches. The group of students decorated St. Patrick statue located near Duffy Hall, the Mother Seton statue in front of Jubiliee Hall, the statue between Mcnulty and Corrigan and the two statues by Alferi Hall.

The sixth statue, the pirate in front of the Rec Center, was “our biggest and hardest hit,” according to the student.

“We gave him a long blue cape and a white flag that read ‘LET’S GO PIRATES,” she said.

Decorating the statues happened in the evening so that the group would not get caught, the student said. The process took roughly four to five hours to complete.

“In order to hit all six statues, we split up to get the smaller ones,” she said. “We had planned to all hit the pirate together, so we met up again to create a game plan before tackling that project.

To decorate the pirate, the group even designated an individual as the “look out,” the student said.

“I don’t know if the University got mad at us, but we don’t think so because they didn’t take them down right away,” she said. “We know Securitas saw us with at least one of the statues and asked us to take it down when we were done.”

All of the statues decorated were taken down at different times, the student said.

“The statues by Alferi Hall were taken down in less than a day,” she said. “The rest of them were still up for the Rutgers game and into Sunday.”

According to the student, most were taken down by the end of Monday.

The group said that from what they heard, students enjoyed the decorated statues.

“Apparently there are pictures on Facebook that some students have posted,” she said.

Decorating the statues was a “last hoorah” for some senior in the group.

“It was a way to try to boost school spirit,” the student said. “Maybe we’ll inspire others to do something.”

The group has decided to stay anonymous in case the University is mad or upset that the statues were decorated.

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