One year later, students find ZipCars beneficial

It has been nearly a year since the University made ZipCars available on campus, and students are generally positive about them.

The two ZipCars on campus are available to be rented for a day.

Senior diplomacy major Legna Perez said having ZipCars available to students can be beneficial.

“If I drove around more, I would use it,” Perez said. “It’s better than the alternative of not having cars.”

Perez said she has never purchased a ZipCar, but has been in one multiple times. She said the car program is very popular with her friends.

Senior Louis Villafranca agreed, saying that they are “convenient” for students.

“I think if implemented correctly, it (ZipCars) could be really nice since not everyone can have a car on campus,” Villafranca said.

In terms of the minimum number of days you can purchase a ZipCar, there has been some confusion among students.

Villafranca said he thought a ZipCar had to be purchased on a month to month basis, instead of daily.

“A monthly subscription is kind of lame because you’re not always going to use it. I think a one-time usage fee would be better,” Villafranca said.

According to Residence Coordinator for Boland Hall Rae Esmores, the ZipCars can be rented on an hourly basis.

“A car can be rented for as little as $8 per hour,” Esmores said. “The program offers the ability to rent a vehicle for a short or extended period of time, allowing students to take advantage of the surround ing sites within New Jersey.”

Junior Anna Lough said she lives a block away from school, so she has never used a ZipCar.

“I don’t really know anyone who uses them, so I don’t know how effective they are,” Louhg said. “I always see them beat up in the parking lot, so I assume people use them.”

Lough said that because of the cars’ appearance, she “won’t be inclined to use them.”

All three students agreed that it’s “fair” that there are assigned spots for ZipCars.

“If they’re property of the school, then I think it’s fair that they get assigned spots,” Villafranca said.

Esmores said that there is not a high demand for parking spots that she knows of and there is no consideration for creating more ZipCar parking in the future.

“We are not increasing the size of our fleet,” Esmores said. “The two cars we have are enough for the demand and do not have a significant impact on campus parking.”

According to Esmores, there was some complaint due to the size of the ZipCar parking spots last year.

“There were some concerns last year (before the parking spaces were widened this past summer); the cars were getting scratches due to the pole that parking spaces were next to,” Esmores said. “It was also harder for students to park/get out of the spaces.”

Esmores said that the ZipCar program will remain the same on campus.

“There is no need to change anything about the program,” Esmores said. “We have found that it is effective and meets the SHU population needs.”

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