University Center renovation sparks SGA discussion

A Seton Hall student voiced his concerns at this weeks Student Government Association meeting about the strategic plan to expand the University Center and Mooney Hall the University recently released.

Graduate student David Castrillon said he supports the plans but is looking to draft a resolution about the University’s plan asking them to implement deadlines.

Castrillon said he encouraged the Senate to read the Strategic Plan because the proposals being made in the document could affect the students up to 2020.

“For example, the university is planning to spend $70 million to expand the University Center and Mooney Hall and they’re planning to spend $35 million to build new residence halls,” Castrillon said.

Castrillon said they are very valid proposals, but thinks it is ironic that the projects being proposed at the same time that Walsh library hours are being cut.

Sen. Drew Holden agreed with this point, that how the University allocates its funds represents the University’s values to the students.

“How does the University afford $70 million to expand this place when they can’t afford to keep the library open for a few more hours a day?” Castrillon said.

Castrillon also said he had concerns about how goals similar to the proposals have been handled in the past.

In 2007, the University had a fundraising initiative called Ever Forward, which raised $150 million, according to Castrillon.

“They had all these amazing proposals,” Castrillon said. “They were going to build a new school for diplomacy, create a center for international studies, which would be an off-campus center for international students and for study abroad, and they were also going to have scholarships for study abroad.”

According to Castrillon, none of these proposals was instituted.

Castrillon said he felt that this failure raises the very important issue of accountability.

“I think it is not only important for the student government to read the strategic goals but to pass resolutions supporting certain points and even demand the University institute deadlines for when things pass, because if not, nothing is going to happen,” Castrillon said.

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