Lab entry may switch to card swipe

To prevent unauthorized entry and theft, a swipe-only entry to classrooms and/or the building may be implemented in McNulty Hall.

Stephen Kelty, Ph.D., chair of chemistry and biochemistry, said he is not aware of any unauthorized entries occurring, but added there has been an issue regarding theft.

“There is a problem with missing lab glassware and other items from the teaching labs.” Kelty said. “Theft is a common problem at nearly all university labs.”

Kelty explained that I.D. card swipe entry will help keep the building safe.

“The swipe card entry solution is essentially a solution to unaccounted-for keys in all lab spaces,” Kelty said. “The fact that swipe card entries will also allow logging who and when individuals enter labs is likely to help in reducing theft.”

Kelty said that teaching labs are only unlocked during lab class time. A professor or teaching assistant is responsible for opening and locking the rooms.

As far as research labs go, Kelty said the rooms are always locked unless an experiment is taking place.

“The research labs are unlocked by faculty or students, (usually graduate students), who all have their own key,” Kelty said.

Kelty said that students are not allowed in teaching labs when class is not in session, but they are allowed in research labs.

“Research lab doors are generally locked 24/7 but entry is limited to faculty and students with on-going research projects and escorted guests,” Kelty said.

Kelty said he supports the change.

“I am in favor of it,” Kelty said. “The swipe systems would benefit the building because this technology provides an extra level of accounting and security that has the potential to reduce unauthorized entry and/or theft.”

Facilities Engineering and Public Safety did not respond to a request for a comment by press time.

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