Business aptitude test offered

Seton Hall University is one of the first universities in the country selected to allow students to participate in a new aptitude test developed by the Bloomberg Institute, named the Bloomberg Assessment Test.

The BAT is geared towards students in finance and related business majors, and will allow students to showcase their abilities in economics and analytical reasoning, situational judgment, and verbal skills to major institutions around the world, according to the Bloomberg Institute.

The Bloomberg Institute is the educational division of Bloomberg L.P., an organization that delivers business and financial information and news around the world.

“The free, three-hour exam is open to students, no matter what their major,” Barry Wanger, spokesperson for the Bloomberg Institute, said.

“If they are looking for internships or jobs in areas such as finance or consulting or just want to measure their competitive strengths or weaknesses in a range of subjects,” Wanger added.

Seton Hall students said that having been chosen as one of the first schools to take the test is a positive sign for the business school.

“I’m happy Seton Hall is getting the recognition; it makes students want to come here,” said Christian Aragon, a sophomore accounting major. “We’re getting higher and higher up, it motivates me more to do better in the business school.”

Armaan Ghandi, a sophomore business major, said that he will most likely take the test in the future.

“It’s another basis by which employers could pick you,” Ghandi said. “If you do better on the test, you’re going to get a better job, hopefully.”

After students take the exam, results will be available to the student, and are also be stored anonymously in the Bloomberg Assessment Test Talent Search database, according to the Bloomberg Institute.

Students said they believe it will benefit them, especially those seeking a career in business.

“It helps students display their skills and abilities in economics and analytical situations better than a resumè would,” Ghandi said.

While Aragon agrees that the test would benefit business students, he said it would benefit the school as well.

“It can show the students weakness, so the school can help them improve it,” Aragon said. “It can also get students stronger because it gives them real-life situations to get a preview of the real world.”

Aragon also said that employers in the business world look for the qualities tested in the BAT, and that they will recognize students who do well on the test.

According to the Bloomberg Institute, employers would be able to search the database for students who possess strengths in areas that particularly interest them.

The Bloomberg Assessment Test can be taken on campus or at a local Bloomberg L.P. office. Students can register online for the test at

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