WSOU added to iHeartRadio stream

Seton Hall’s college radio station, 89.5 FM WSOU, has teamed up with iHeartRadio to create a WSOU app for mobile listening.

iHeartRadio allows people to listen to their favorite radio stations online for free, according to iHeartRadio’s website.

Channel Media and Entertainment is adding college campus radio stations to its list of stations to be broadcast online through iHeartRadio.

WSOU is one of 14 college stations to be added, according to WSOU General Manager Mark Maben.

According to Maben, students have been asking for WSOU to be accessible on smartphones. However, WSOU did not have the money to do it on their own.

“It gives us a way to respond to our listeners,” Maben said. “It gives us yet another avenue for people to access our station.”

Maben said this will help WSOU, the students, and the university as a whole.

This will help our student on working in 21st century media, Maben said.

Maben added that WSOU already was using online and televised streaming. However iHeartRadio is now allowing WSOU to become digital.

Maben said this will be a great opportunity for all involved to have their name out there.

“There are some great college stations that no one knows about,” Maben said.

Channel Media and Entertainment started adding well-known college radio stations first, however, they plan on adding more, according to Maben.

Senior and station manager, Omar Ahmad, said he is really excited about this because it is something WSOU has been trying to do.

“This is great for college radio,” Ahmad said. “I’m glad we are the first wave of college radio stations to be added.”

Ahmad added that it is a good opportunity to get outside of the New York area.

According to Maben, the app should be available to students by March.

“We have the equipment to do this, we’re ready to go,” Maben said. “Other colleges are not.”

Maben also wanted to add that WSOU is here for all students and they should take advantage of it.

“You don’t have to be into metal music to be on the radio,” Maben said. “It is open for many other things like news and sports.”

Maben said this is one of the best things for a student to do.

“Overall doing this is a wonderful and terrific thing,” Maben said. “It keeps the University and the radio at the leading edge.”

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