Takeout option returns to cafeteria

The Student Government Association is promoting the student lunchbox program, which allows students to pre-order meals 24 hours in advance.

The program began last year under previous SGA President Melissa Boege but did not immediately continue in the fall 2011 semester.

“The takeout program was never stopped; it just wasn’t used because students didn’t know about it,” SGA President Derel Stroud said.

Students will be able to pick up a boxed meal at the gate of the Galleon Room at a specific time during cafeteria hours, according to Stroud.

Stroud said lunchboxes count towards a meal on student meal plans.

In the past, students have been unaware of the program, but SGA is working to find new ways to promote awareness now, according to Stroud.

Social networking sites such as Facebook are being used to promote the program, Stroud said.

According to Gourmet Dining Services, a large number of students now utilize the lunchbox program.

GDS is also promoting the lunchbox program and has agreed to put a banner up online with the link to order so that students can take advantage of it, said Stroud.

Although the program is being run the same as it has in the past, Stroud said he and SGA Chief of Staff Grant McIntire met with GDS to propose revisions to the program.

McIntire has played a large role in promoting the program for this semester, according to Stroud.

All students are able to use and benefit from the program, which particularly benefits students with internships and jobs, as it saves them time, Stroud added.

Erin Williams can be reached at erin.williams@student.shu.edu.

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