Top 10 news stories at Seton Hall in 2011

10. Pro-Life banner hangs at campus entry

A banner with a picture of a mother kissing a newborn baby and the words “choose life” followed by a phone number for a pro-life help hot line was placed on the entrance to Seton Hall to celebrate Respect for Life month.

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9. Christie’s commencement speech gets mixed reactions

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave the keynote commencement address at Seton Hall University’s 154th Baccalaureate Commencement Ceremony on Mon. May 16 at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford. As Christie approached the podium, a mix of applause and unwelcoming commentary came from the audience.

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8. October snowstorm causes flurry at Seton Hall

Seton Hall University’s campus, including the garden between Xaiver Hall and the caf, was covered in approximately four inches of snow on the last weekend of October, causing damage.

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7. WSOU celebrates 25 years of metal: Students plan concert with Starland Ballroom

WSOU, Seton Hall’s Pirate Radio, celebrated 25 years as a metal radio station by hosting a concert on Friday, Nov. 18 at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, N.J.

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6. SHUFLY raises student concern

In spite of a few students’ complaints about the punctuality of theSHUFLY Shuttle, Parking Services Manager Ann Szipszky said that up until Tuesday morning, neither Parking Services nor Public Safety and Security had any reports from students of problems with the SHUFLY service.

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5. The era of Esteban: Seton Hall invests 20th university president

Seton Hall University celebrated its 20th Presidential Investiture on Oct. 14 to officially acknowledge A. Gabriel Esteban as University president.

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4. Campus I.D. office increases fees

The campus I.D. office increased the fees for temporary and replacement I.D.’s by $15 during the fall semester.

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3. Accusations of false police report filing referred to Dean of students

A Seton Hall University student was charged after filing a false police report in the Municipal Court of South Orange regarding a purported robbery that was reported to have happened in the early hours of Nov. 6.

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2. Safe Ride proves to be useful resource

As of this semester the Safe Ride appears to be the most successful transportation innovation on campus, however, there were several instances of students not understanding and abusing the privilege of the service.

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1. University offers discount for eligible incoming students

In an effort to make the growing cost of attending college more affordable, Seton Hall University announced in October that tuition will be lowered by $21,000 next fall for incoming freshmen that meet certain criteria of the new Regents Scholarship.

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