Student Government Association discusses I.D. fees, guest swipes at town hall meeting

Senators of the Student Government Association discussed each of their initiatives at the town hall meeting on Monday night.

The initiatives that were discussed the most were the ID fees, printers in the residence halls and issues with Gourmet Dining Services.

Senator Annelie Roding started with the issue of the increased prices of ID fees.

According to Senator Roding last year it was free to get a temp and $20 dollars to get a new ID, but now its $20 to get a temp and $35 to get a new ID.

Senator Joseph Donato said he felt the ID fees that the university is charging are outrageous.

“It is shameful that they are doing this to the students in difficult economic times” said Senator Donato.

Donato is also working on getting printers back in the residence halls and he believes it will be useful for all those who need to print.

Senator Drew Holden also said that he was working with Senator Donato on the printer initiative.

“I want to ensure the printers are always working,” Senator Aaron Pittman said.

According to Elizabeth Gabriel, Senator Garnet Roberts also wants to create a rollover printing balance for each semester.

Senator Nathan Morin spoke about working with Gourmet Dining Services to resolve the guest swipes issue and he talked about the implementation of take out boxes.

Senator Roding all said she is working on getting more vegan and vegetarian choices to go on the menu in the cafeteria.

“GDS is also holding a Biggest Loser event where they will take your measurements and weight and at the end the Biggest Loser wins a prize,” Senator Roding said.

She also talked about the sustainability of GDS, she said she thought that the garden that was planted and the trayless initiative have both really benefitted the school.

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