New program recognizes leadership involvement

A new initiative is being put into effect so that students will be able to be recognized for their leadership involvement on campus.

This new initiative is called The Seton Leadership Institute and is a way for students to earn credits through a certificate program.

To earn credits, students must first sign up for the class on leadership called Building the Community through Effective Leadership, CPSY 1102.

After students have taken the class, they must apply to one of four tracks: Campus Leadership, Civic Engagement and Public Service, Professional Leadership, and Social Justice and Servant Leadership.

According to Rev. Msgr. Thomas P. Nydegger, the tracks reach out to every student’s interest, whether they are involved in SAB, Greek life, ROTC, an education, business, or religion major.

Nydegger added there are also three levels: bronze, silver, and gold so that every student can participate regardless of their schedule conflictions.

The bronze level is the first level which ends after the student has completed his or her track.

The silver level is next and what students do for this level is they would focus on some problem at Seton Hall or in the community and try to come up with a hypothetical solution to the problem.

The gold level is completed by the student actually fixing the problem set out in the silver level.

Students are not required to take all three levels to earn credit, just however much they can handle.

“We understand that students are very busy,” Nydegger said. “That’s why there are different levels.”

Nydegger added that students are already participating in these extra-curricular activities so it would just be a way to earn credits while doing them.

“It’s already being done, it’s just a way to pull it altogether,” Nydegger said. “We believe students should get credit for their leadership.”

Students all agreed the new program seems like a good idea and something worth looking into.

Junior Tyronn Walker said it seems interesting even though he is almost done with school now.

“All you really have to do is take one class,” Walker said. “I think students should look into that as an option.”

Freshman Marlee Nicolas said this is something she would be interested in, as well.

“I think it’s good because it is something you are already interested in plus you get credit,” Nicolas said.

Freshmen Deanna Mims and Marvelyn Hyde said the course seems interesting, however since they are commuters they would need the class to coincide with their schedules.

“I won’t do it if the class is at night because I commute,” Hyde said.

Nydegger said the course goes on student transcripts and the certificate can be obtained by way of audit or credit.

Students should find this program beneficial because it pulls all the leadership being done together, Nydegger said.

“It’s a co-curricular initiative that really tries to blend their academic discipline with activities they want to do,” Nydegger said.

Nydegger said he hopes this will go into effect by the spring semester, however if it does not, it definitely will be by the fall semester.

“The program is about developing the whole person which is the mission of Seton Hall,” Nydegger said. “It will add value to education that is already here.”

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Author: Lindsay Rittenhouse

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