SGA donates to upcoming DOVE trips

The Student Government Association has donated a sum of $11,130 to representatives from DOVE for the upcoming Haiti and El Salvador.

For each of the 58 students attending the four trips, $195 will be allotted in costs.

“My hope for this year is that everyone on all of the trips will come back with that fire for service,” representative Kayleigh Ellison said . “I thank SGA for considering helping us out to get more students there this year.”

According to Senator Drew Holden, this is the SGA’s one big co-sponsorship of the year and he said he couldn’t think of anything that would be more consistent with the catholic mission.

After the vote, Senator Donato said he felt that the Student Government Association had made the wrong decision.

“What happened tonight was irresponsible. This was not a smart decision to give away all this money in one foul swoop,” Donato said.

There was much debate as to the amount that should be donated.

According to Senator Donato, although he thought it was an outstanding cause, he thought the SGA needed to think about their budget and the co-sponsorship in relation to that. Donato agreed that $10,000 would be a good amount to give to DOVE.

Treasurer Buryk recommended an amount of $9000 to give to the program, stating that it was a great event, but said he felt that the amount asked for was too great.

Senator Decotiis said that the because of the sincerity of the program, the decision was right.

“I think this is a really good cause,” Decotiis said. “I don’t think anything has come before us that has had more meaning than this particular program.”

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