Registration woes put students under pressure

Some students have expressed that they are facing various account and availability issues as registration for the spring 2012 semester begins.

Official course registration began at 12 a.m. on Nov. 3 and lasts until Nov. 21.

Every year students have to meet several requirements in order to be eligible to register for the next semester, including a registration meeting with an academic advisor, relieving any holds with the bursar and registering within a certain time period.

While many students do not find this year to be any different from the previous years, others claim that they face the same problems before each registration period.

Students complain of last minute holds that could postpone their registration and potentially prevent them from taking classes mandatory for their majors.

“It does get tougher as you start taking junior and senior classes since they usually only have one or two sections available,” said senior Amlan Gangodpadhyay. “If you are in the Stillman school, you have to be put on a wait list if you need to get into a class you are required to take.”

Other students have said they feel that with taking the time to appropriately prepare, there should be no problem registering efficiently and effectively.

“I was proactive and received my pin on the very first day it was available, and have already selected the courses that I will soon hope to register for,” said junior Drew Vera.

“In addition to those classes, I have back-up courses in case one may be unavailable. I do have a luxury of choosing courses prior to freshman and sophomores; I expect classes to fill up quick, but confident that as long as I remain on task I will be fine during registration,” Vera added.

According to registration information on the Seton Hall University website, in order to register students must obtain personal six-digit registration PINs from their advisors and clear any financial holds.

In-person registration is also offered as an option for those students who cannot take advantage of web registration during their assigned time or who could not resolve their registration holds in advance of their assigned web time slot.

In-person registration will be held from Nov. 14 to 18 from 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m each day.

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